Put on a Kids Camp for Children in Ukraine  


Partnering with Solid Rock to put on a camp for the children in Ukraine displaced by the war. Children can be in a safe and fun environment and have the opportunity to simply be a kid, with the goal being the restoration of joy in these children. Camps include inflatable bounce houses and slides, group games, relays, and a healthy lunch. 


With the war having displaced thousands of families in Ukraine, children have had much of their childhood stolen from them. These children’s camps are in small towns and outlying villages that rarely have any form of positive opportunities for children. Camps bring joy and hope to these children and their families. These camps focus on teamwork, character building, and of course lots of fun 


Central Ukraine

Type of Aid:

Humanitarian Aid & Community Development

Sponsoring Organization:

Solid Rock

Fundraising Goal: 

$1,500 (150 Kids)