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Bridging Generosity with Noble Causes
We connect you with noble causes that transform people, neighborhoods & nations

mBridge helps individuals and businesses champion noble causes that tranform neighborhoods and nations

Our Strategies for Engagement – The 10 Sector Approach

If you are ready to get more intentional about making a difference, we can help you discern the noble causes in which to support.

1. Children & Youth   2. Poverty   3. Abuse    4. Justice   5. Humanitarian 

6. Ethnic   7. Medical   8. Academic   9. Church Planting  10. Targeted Projects


1 Timothy 5:25  – “In the same way good deeds are plainly seen, and even those that are not so plain, cannot be hidden.”


We work to unlock God-given potential to champion Noble Causes that truly impact people. With our 35 years of ministry experience, we research and advocate for those ministries that best fit one of the 10 sectors that meets your sentiments. We then assist you with a  highly communicative partnership to champion a Noble Causes. Our ultimate end goal is that together many find new life in Christ. Our life goal is to see our partner ministries flourish and $100,000,000 given for the gospel.


We believe that our lives and the opportunities that are afforded to us, come from a loving Heavenly Father. How we live our lives matter greatly to a world that needs to experience the love of God. With this in mind, mBridge helps you make a difference in this world by introducing you to amazing people, programs and causes that are bringing the gospel of Jesus to neighborhoods and nations that desperately need transformation. Whether it is through education, agriculture, orphan care or a variety of other pathways, we want to bridge their need and connect you to an opportunity to meet that need. We will help you find your place in God’s global mission.

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Unlock Your Potential by Championing a Noble Cause

Donating to charities can be murky—how do you know that your money is doing as much work as it possibly can? mBridge is committed to partnering with specific causes that we believe will do the most possible good. When you donate to mBridge, you can direct your donation to one of the many causes we've curated to support people and communities in need. We've based our selections on quality and impact. There's no guesswork; 100 percent of your donation will support the cause or causes of your choice.

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