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Serving Our First Responders

First responders are able to cut down their turnaround time from calls by 75% because of the assistance of Hope Unlimited. They responded to over 500 times in 2022 to crisis situations.  mBridge has...

Educational Scholarships

mBridge Global has partnered with several Snohomish County schools to be able to provide over $14,000 in academic scholarships to low income families in local communities.

Bringing Economic Restoration

ELD helps train entrepreneurs in developing nations on the basics of building a business and then provides micro-loans to help start a business. They have most recently trained 40 individuals to...

A Home for Miriam

Miriam is 6 years old and does not have a home. Miriam’s story is typical for many of the girls we support through Dee’s Hope. They have either lost one or both parents only to have been abandoned,...

Aid for Ukraine

In 24 hours, mBridge Global helped raise over $7,300 for Solid Rock Mission, an organization we support providing food, shelter, and aid in Ukraine.  Solid Rock Mission reaches into rural and war...

Bringing Education to Nepal

Providing after school tutoring program at 2 locations with 22 students in Nepal. Their grades have skyrocketed since the tutoring program began.  HLC supports the needs of those in poverty in...

Milk Business Booming in Kenya

We did a micro loan last year for $1,000 for ELD Kenya. That the micro-loan that we provided for the Nalepo Milk Point Company has been paid back in full in just one year! Phideline, the owner of...

Reaching Deaf in the Philippines

We support 5 deaf children in the Philippines, ensuring they receive food, housing, an education, and job training to ensure they have a brighter future.  IDEA Philippines is a boarding school,...

Pregnancy Clinic in Uganda

Donated funds to provide maternity equipment including an ultrasound machine for clinic for pregnant mothers in a remote village in Uganda. Prior to this, mothers would need to walk or ride on...

Giving a Kidney to Save a Life 

We were able to cover the cost of a kidney transplant for a man in Nepal, saving his life.   HLC supports the needs of those in poverty in Nepal. Last year, they reached out and served 200+ families...


We are a foundation committed to purposefully investing in transformative initiatives globally, while empowering and equipping others to join us in changing the world. Our primary role is to facilitate and foster a culture of giving, while effectively communicating the profound impact and stories of lives being positively transformed. 


Lifehouse Ministries - mBridge Global Cause

Engaging in community give-back can be murky—how do you know that your money is doing as much good as it possibly can? mBridge Global is committed to tailoring giving by partnering with specific causes in which we have constant contact. When you partner with mBridge, you can direct your donation towards one or many of our Noble Causes that we have carefully and meticulously curated. Each organization is reaching people and communities with love and care that are in desperate need. Each mBridge partner is based on a depth of relationship and knowledge of their mission and impact. If you choose to partner with mBridge Global, there is no guesswork; 90% of your donation will support the cause or causes of your choice.


MBridge is the game changer for me, when I’m having a tough day or when I’m feeling a little beat down or when things aren’t going the way that I wish they would, I just think about MBridge and I think about the way that we change the world and when I think about what we’re doing at MBridge it makes it all worthwhile it’s my why, it’s my reason to keep grinding. It’s the reason why I put my head down and hustle. I’m committed to changing the world, and MBridge is the vehicle in which I’m doing that.” 

Dave Wescott
Evergreen Brands

“One of the biggest reasons I joined the team here at Transblue was the partnership with mBridge and greater purpose of giving back. I’ve worked with great companies where the only purpose was the bottom line. I love what mBridge is doing to make the world a better place. I know of other team members who have joined our company because of causes that mBridge works with. And in those moments when challenges hit, there is nothing better to light my fire to push ahead or put things in perspective than hearing a story about a specific need being met in the world through mBridge and knowing you had a part to play in that.” 

Todd Chapman