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Our Noble Causes

mBridge seeks out noble causes that we can present to those who want to champion a cause. Together, we can win an eternal prize by sharing our good fortune with those in need. Our part is to connect the champion to the cause and then see what God will do to bless it.

100% of all proceeds go directly to a noble cause of your choosing.

Our investment is solely to see more people and noble causes prosper for the Great Commission. We desire to see a 30, 60, 100-fold increase in our partnership with lifestyle investors as they become champions for these noble causes. This is why we formed mBridge.

The Solid Rock Mission logo.


Solid Rock Mission provides aid, support, and Christian education to children and those in need in Ukraine. Through summer camps, building projects, and other activities, Solid Rock Mission approaches mission work with hope and inspiration for a better future.

The HEED Uganda Logo


HEED Uganda addresses concerns like education, water access, food insecurity, health and sanitation, and spiritual growth for impoverished families in Uganda. By building schools and providing education for vulnerable youth, HEED aims to break the cycle of poverty with a sustainable plan for the future through God’s guidance.

The Mission Green logo.


Mission Green provides Ugandan children and educational organizations with opportunities to break the cycle of poverty. By giving eucalyptus seedlings to those in need, Mission Green offers them the ability to make money, reforest the over-harvested regions of Uganda, and forge a sustainable, profitable future for those impacted by climate change and poverty.



Generosity Multiplied is a local volunteer ministry that is about

Helping The Vulnerable
~ Living Out Our Faith ~
~ Reaching Those in Need ~
~ Building Community ~


Next Step Pregnancy Services assists young women experiencing unplanned pregnancies with exploring options. All services, including ultrasounds for those considering abortion, counseling, and access to diapers, wipes, and other necessities are free to patients through donations.

Will You Join Our Pursuit?

We are dedicated to you as a partner in leveraging your time, talent, and treasure for gospel impact. Will you join our pursuit of noble causes?