Leshuta Community Water Project


Partnering with ELD to provide micro financing for the digging and construction of a well. This project is designed to enable the residents of Leshuta to have access to safe and clean water. This project would be a partnership with the people in the village of Leshuta, tribal leaders, local government, as well as ELD.  


The community depends on pastoralism as their main source of livelihood. Much of the livestock is dying, as well as widespread sickness for the people, due to a lack of access to clean water. Providing this well can provide irrigation for crops and livestock, as well as combating water-born disease, removing the burden of transporting water from the village women, and freeing children to seek an education rather than assist hauling water from miles away.  


Leshuta, Kenya 

Type of Aid:

Humanitarian Aid

Sponsoring Organization:

Economic Leadership Development 

Fundraising Goal: