“I pray and pray and it doesn’t seem like anything is happening.” Have you ever had a thought like this? God’s time is not like our time and His ways are not our like ways. In my life, I have seen again and again how God takes care of my every concern. He takes me to where I NEED to go. In the moment, it is usually not where I want to go, but if wait on Him, eventually I come to realize that His ways are always the right ways.”


Lord my God, look at me and answer me. Give me new life, or I will die. Then my enemies will say, “We have beaten him.” They will be filled with joy when I die.   But I trust in your faithful love. My heart is filled with joy because you will save me. I will sing praise to the Lord. He has been so good to me.  Psalm 13:3-6


My little brother is very sick. He has an Arachnoid Tumor on the back of his brain stem. It is inoperable. The results of the tumor were that he has contracted Meniere’s disease. The surgeon had to cut out his ear drum to get to the tumor. The results were that he had to learn how to do everything again. Then the trauma from the tumor caused him to get CTE. His doctors told him he won the reverse lottery. He has severe brain trauma, constant vertigo, constant migraines and pain. He has been fighting for what we could call a normal day for the last ten years. 

I know my little brother prays, “Lord ,give me new life or I will die.”  I’ve watched my little brother suffer and I’ve prayed a thousand times;  “God, where are you?”  What are you doing with my brother? When will we get some help? “ It is at these times we have a tendency to blame God and say “how can a God that’s supposed to be loving allow this to happen?” 

The answer is never simple and we can never know exactly what God is doing in our lives.  We do live in a fallen world that is full of pain and suffering. We do know that our time isn’t Gods time. We can be certain that God has a purpose, even when we cannot see it. 

For me,  God has given a little perspective that I put my hope in. I know that He has put a deep love in my heart for  my children. I would do anything for them. I want the best for them no matter what.  I also know that God loves me beyond what I can ever understand or fathom. I am made after his image, which means I mirror the love that he has for His children. I love my children unconditionally, and He loves his children unconditionally. This gives me strength as I cannot even imagine how much more his love is for me and my brother. 

So today and every day,  I will trust in His faithful love. My heart is filled with peace and joy because He will save my brother. I will sing praises to the Lord, for He has been good to me. 

Our struggles draw us closer to him. I believe we have struggles in this life so that we don’t drift far from him. Our troubles are to be counted as Joy because they allow us to be conformed into His image and allow us to walk in his presence daily. Through every struggle there is peace in God. Without God there are sleepless nights with anxiety and stress as we try to control our days. But with God, even in the midst of the storm, there is peace. He is the prince of peace. He is our healer. On this side of eternity or on the other. God bless you today!


Dear Lord, I pray for peace and strength  for all those experiencing suffering or loss. I pray for hope for the hopeless. I pray for grace for the angry and for love to surround our loved ones, friends, and acquaintances who are suffering.  Thank you for the trials that keep us in your arms. Thank you for the days when we can’t see your plan, and thank you for paving the way for each of us before we were yet born. I love you Lord!  Be with our families in Jesus name. Heal Matthew Wescott in Jesus Name.