Doing Good Is Good for Business

A recent survey of customers showed that 85% have greater positive image of a business if they know that a portion the profits go back to a charity. 90% of consumers said they would be interested in knowing how companies are supporting charitable causes.

Businesses that give back have a huge selling point to offer customers. More than ever, people are looking to support local small businesses, especially if that business shares the values that they support by giving back to charitable causes. It only makes sense, as their money now has the dual benefit of supporting a small business and supporting a community cause.

I recently visited a local kitchen and bathroom remodeling company. On a prominent wall, they displayed their logo and a picture collage of the work they support in several underdeveloped nations. This local company sends yearly teams to build shelters and construct water-wells in some very difficult regions of our world. As I gazed at the pictures and memory books, I was personally challenged when the owner of this small business said, “this is the real reason we are in business; we love to give back.”

This small business gives members of their team the opportunity to go on a yearly trip to assist in these humanitarian construction projects. They offer to pay their normal wages if they go, just as if they were at home installing kitchens. All they have to do is donate their time and energy. As I quizzed him about these projects, he shared that these trips have been some of the best use of their businesses capital. His team return from these trips as better people and employee’s who are loyal to their company. It has reduced employee turn over and gives their team experiences and joint histories that produce tangible company benefits.

I was impressed that this small company makes such a large investment in their employees one behalf of those in another country, yet the old maxim is more true today than ever: Doing Good Is Good for Business, though I might add, Doing good “together” is especially good for business!

Dave Wescott owns and operates Transblue Construction Franchises and started, a non-profit focused on giving back both locally and globally.