Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1



Albert Einstein, who is regarded as one of the worlds most influential physicists of all time, said this about imagination: “Logic will take you from A-Z. But imagination will take you anywhere.”

Imagination is that gift of God that gives us the super power of forming new ideas, images or concepts that are not yet real but could be. Imagination is often the starting place for creating something entirely new, whether it is a business, or some kind of life goal. It also is the starting place for faith…for what could be and what might be done with God’s help!

Yet for whatever reason, it’s easy to allow that super power of imagination to slide toward the “bad and sad” and what may happen rather than embrace the “good and amazing” and what could be. So much of what we hear from others or read online is “but what if” with all of the problems we might face rather than thinking of “why not” and thoughts to motivate us toward acts of love and good works. 

That is why the practice of mind-repentance is so important in the lives of followers of Jesus as noted in Romans 12 where it says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” It is what the Apostle Paul was hinting at when he painted us the picture of being “more than conquerors through him who loved us” a few chapters earlier in Romans 8.

This week I have a dear friend who reminded me that we can reject the “but what if” scenario and believe for great things. He wrote his bold faith declaration online this week and yes… This is a shame-less plug for mBridge, but he made my heart shout…”yes…why not!”

Facebook Post: Dave – 8.3.2022

I enjoyed reading this article from Harvard Business Review. I believe, for my self  there is nothing more important than our beliefs and honoring God in all we do. My goal in life, my BHAG (big harry audacious goal) is to put $100,000,000.00 per year in to Notable and Charitable causes and Christian organizations. That’s where my beliefs lie. I’m just a little guy with big dreams, dreams not to line my pockets, but to give money  to organizations that will change the world. 

I always wanted to do something great with my life, but realized I never really would be able to. But I realized that if I used the business I own to glorify God and give money to charities and noble causes, it would make the world a better place that this would be doing something great. 

Just saying, if I die tomorrow, what am I known for? What’s on my tomb stone?’ I partnered with David Lundquist and created MBridge as our vehicle to give back. We are changing the world! mBridge is the GEM 💎 of our businesses. This is a beacon of hope, this is a light house on the rocks, this is the compass that navigates my life. 

To God be the Glory.

I love it… “Why not” use the super power of imagination that God has given us and paint a God sized picture of what he has put in our hearts to do.”