“Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?” Matthew 6:27 NLT

“So then forsake your worries!” Matthew 6:31 TPT

“Aren’t you much more valuable to your Father than they?” Matthew 6:26 NLT


How does your day begin? I had a friend who once said something to me that has stuck with me now for many years. He said; “Before I let my feet hit the floor in the morning, I say – Good Morning Lord, I’m excited to see what you have for me today!’

That little exercise of “Acknowledging the Lord and his guidance for my day,” is something that I try to do each morning. I don’t always remember for many reasons, but it is a great way to get my mind moving toward that which is true, that which is noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable—anything is excellent or praiseworthy— for me to think about such things rather than that which comes so naturally — worrying about all the stuff that I need to do and what might go wrong in my day.

Even though acknowledging our Creator is the most important thing we can do, why do we get caught up in the stupidity of worrying about the little things that can go wrong? I’ve heard that statistically, less than 8% of things we worry about ever materialize in even the smaller of ways, so why do we obsess over things that rarely occur?

Jesus was asking this to a group of people on a mountainside in Galilee during a time when people really did have some things to worry about. Their country was being ruled by a brutal army from a faraway land that was very different in language, culture, and worldview than the people of Israel. They were abusive and dictatorial in the extreme. If any people had a right to worry, it was the people Jesus was talking to in Matthew 6. 

Yet, despite all of that, Jesus does a very odd thing and reminds them to look at the birds. Birds are never in worry mode. They are ever taken care of by their creator and He knows when even one of them falls to the ground. Jesus then asked them another super important question designed to get them to think about their circumstances more clearly: “Aren’t you much more valuable to your Father than they?” Matthew 6:26

That question takes us to a crossroads in our thinking. Either we are, and I stop worrying about the small stuff that 92% of the time is never even an inkling of an issue, or I don’t believe that I am valuable and God doesn’t care about me. I love it when God quits asking the question and hammers home the instructions – “So then forsake your worries!” Matthew 6:31 TPT

Forsake your worries – He’s got you! You are so very valuable to Him. It’s so much better to wake up in the morning and just say, “Lord, I’m excited to see what you have for me today, thank you for loving me and directing my steps today! I’m excited to see what that day has to unfold.” 

Only then can you let your feet hit the floor and start a God adventure worry free!